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2 rescue Tsé-Tsé

2 rescue Tsé-Tsé

Made by raplapla


Your baby is living his first big love story... Mr. Tsé-tsé became the man of his life, he's kissing him all the time? There's drama when he's not in his arms?

If you want replacement lovers in case of loss, washing machine moments (traitor!) or for daycare days, you can buy two mr. Tsé-Tsé without their houses. (in 15 years, your baby's heartbreaks might not be as easy to console.)

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This plush toy is suitable for babies, from birth.

Made from organic cotton with a heart as big as a house, he's the most loved roll of babies, and they're sur to love him at first sight!

Side effects include crazy bouts of love accompanied by drooling, and the end of the world if ever lost.



- Keep your Rescue Tsé-Tsés well-hidden! We often hear of children discovering the ruse and demanding to CONSTANTLY have all the Tsé-Tsés in the house on hand at all times. 

-  Babies love him. They love to fall asleep with him. We don’t know why, but we’re happy they do.

- Monsieur Tsé-Tsé’s pattern is designed so that each piece of fabric fits perfectly into one another, so no fabric is wasted when making this doll.

- Monsieur Tsé-Tsé’s fabric is locally sewn by Delyla using organic cotton thread from India.

- 10% of profits are donated to UNICEF.

- Monsieur Tsé-Tsé has been tested more than any other of our dolls, to ensure he is safe for babies! He meets the safety requirements of Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

- His package, designed by Atelier Chinotto and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, won the Grand Prix Grafika in 2009.

- Monsieur Tsé-Tsé was also honoured by the Bureau du design de la Ville de Montréal.



Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand.

Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!).



2 dolls of 25 cm. 100% certified organic fair trade cotton (knitted in Canada), stuffed with polyester fibre. Embroidered eyes, mouth and heart.

The Rescue Tsé-Tsés are delivered without a cardboard house, in a cotton bag silk screened with a drawing by Mimi Traillette. Let us know if you need additional health records.

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