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Alain the radish

Alain the radish

Made by raplapla


Teething radish. For every baby.

Part of our classic collection.

Meet Alain, stoic radish, always ready to be bitten, covered in drool, turned upside down, and blithely thrown from rage on the floor. When teething starts, tension rises to new heights. Go for it babies, chew on Alain, and fast, may the tooth come out!

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This teething ring is baby safe, from birth.

This young radish settled on a beech ring for the pleasure of our friends the babies. Easy to handle, fun to touch, with a crackling sound, we appreciate it particularly for his aptitude to sooth enflammed gums!


- Soft and tender, wood is ideal for babies to bite when their gums are aching.

- We choose beech wood for it resilience to tiny teeth.

- The leaves of this radish have one side in velvet and one in satin for the pleasure of discovering different materials.

- Alain was my dentist when I was a child. I keep a very bad memory of him and I rejoice knowing tons of babies will bite him ferociously.


Wash the radish in the machine, in cold water, or by hand.
Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!).
Wash the ring in warm water, by hand.
Let the ring dry completely before reattaching the radish.


17,5 cm. Radish: cotton and polyester, embroidered face, filled with polyester fibre. Ring: beech wood.
Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In all cases, the look of the doll is preserved!

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