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We are currently experiencing problem with our online shop - please visit our etsy shop or call us (514-563-1209)


raplapla on the road

As of tomorrow, Frida, Tim and Mathilde are going on a voyage !

Accompanied by their cat, Serge, they are going to travel the roads of Québec on the look-out for new homes where life is good.

Maybe we’ll cross paths ?

The new Tutu has arrived !

After much heming and hawing, here – in chronological order – is the new Tutu in all her transmutations.

Because there’s nothing like simplicity, and my heart chose the one on the far-right.

Basile the pirate


Get out your crayons to bring color to Basile !

(And dont hesitate to send us your work, they might be exhibited at raplapla!)



Saturday May 16th between 11am and 5pm, In our Big Shop and Factory at 69 Villeneuve street West in Montréal


All the dolls and stuffed animales are invited and can be accompanied by their owners. (Actually, you might want to fix yourself up a bit – or not- because we’re going to be taking photos).


We’ll pay your taxes on the day of the party, as a special treat. There will also be natural wine, sweet surprises, cotton candy, a banana peel, dolls in flight, the raplaplamobile, my dad and my mom, and orange balloons.

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A big thank-you

We had a super day today at Sainte-Justine.

(Erica was photographed between Batman and Captain America, and if you really bug her, I’m sure she’d show you the pic) (and Arnaud offered a Tutu to Darth Vador).

The day was spent splendidly with all the kids who accepted, albeit hesitantly at first, but then with full force, patience and very meticulously, to draw and write, and to stick on stamps. Thank-you.

A big thank-you to the gang of teens on the 3rd floor, Noémie 1 & 2, Camila, Emilie, Alexia, Geneviève, Marie-alexandrine, Mylène, Emma, Annabelle, Marianne, Juliette.

A big thank-you also to the kids on the 2nd, 3rd and 7th floors : Providence, Eugénelle, Thomas, Iness, Roldy, Mahmoud, Xavier (you can give your card to Stéphanie when you feel like it), Théo, Yashi, Laurianne, Jeanne, Nadjmeddine. Normande and of course Rej.

Moreover, after his meeting with Tutu, Darth left the Empire

Un gros merci

Luxury tsé-tsé

For the softest of babies, only the best, cashmere, wool and leather. Welcome Lawrence !

Marge the rhubarb

Marge was born today.

This sparkly rhubarb owes her great beauty and eternal youth to the long sugar-baths she takes each full moon. Her celebrated frizzy coiffe is imitated – but never duplicaed - the world over.

Marge is Stéphanie's rhubarb from the Rhubarbe bakery, in Montréal.

Caw Caaaaaawwwww !


Caw Caaaaaawwwww !

The crows who installed themselves in our window display are inviting you to raplapla for halloween.


We want to see your costumes, and we’ll also havecotton-candy and hot chocolate for you. (Pssst… they’re even saying a bit of especial mulled wine will be served to the grownups…).

(Yes, I wanted to use the word ‘especial’ today, we forget about it too often, it really is a word).


So, it’s a date tomorrow, as of night fall.

Boutique closed October 12th

It’s Thanksgiving, and we are also going to be eating Turkey.

p.s. the boutique is open Monday October 13th.

The tsé-tsé tattoo

By popular demand, monsieur Tsé-tsé is happy accept the tattooing of your child’s name on his cotton heart (because embroidery for a cloth creature is just like a tattoo !).

Reserve yours here, or visit the boutique !

The best part is that until October 14th, raplapla offers this new tattoo service for free, highlighting the aforementioned Tsé-tsé’s birthday (delivery october 24th).

Stork bundle

The ultimate baby gift ! Contains a monsieur Tsé-tsé for baby and sweets for mom (and dad if she wants to share). All wrapped up in a cute reusable bundle. It’s a collaboration between Dinette Nationale and raplapla.

Contains : 1 monsieur Tsé-tsé, 1 sachet of puffed caramel quinoa and tamari pumpkin seeds, 1 fruit paste, 1 pot of hazelnut caramel topping. $65 ($85 value).


Boutique closed june 24th

It’s Saint-Jean, and we’re also having a party !

Our birthday

Our birthday

Our birthday

Our birthday

Our birthday

Our birthday


That’s it, we turned 9 ! What a beautiful party we had ! Thank-you, with all my heart, my firends.

Boutique closed april 20th

It’s easter, and we are going to look for Jasmine, who was hibernating in the countryside.

Here’s Jules’ monsieur Tsé-tsé

Monsieur Tsé-tsé and Jules are both four years old.

At daycare, Jules’ educator asked him why he didn’t jsut throw him in the garbage.

- " - « He still has work to do." answered Jules. Of course.

- We told you their smiles don’t fade in the wash.

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