Bulle César

I am a short-haired koala with claws. I’m five years old, so I’m big enough to live alone, but some mice came to live with me in my house. My name is Bulle César (but just Bulle is fine). I can talk and dance, which isn’t easy with claws.
I love pistachios and custard pudding, baked apples and regular apples, and sugar and cream. I also eat roots. I drink Ricoré (which I get imported at a king’s ransom).
I don’t like cinnamon and I don’t like Tim—I am jealous of his cape. He bugs me.
I am afraid of mice and nothing else.
I love every colour, even white. Lili says that white isn’t a colour, it’s a shade. I should ask her about black.
I like the mauve colour of beets, but I don’t like the taste. I like the red of red shoes, and the pink of Lili’s lips. I like the gold of gold fish, the yellow of mustard when it tickles my nose, the green of frozen peas, the blue of my house, the black of chocolate and the white of chocolate, too.

Okay, I’m going to tell you a secret: I’m in love with Lili.