Friends of monsieur Tsé-tsé ?

We are on the lookout for frends of Mr. Tsé-tsé, large and small !


Soon, Mr. Tsé-tsé will be five years old, and now we are organizing a great surprise-party, september 15th, at the raplapla botuique !


For the occasion, we hope you can help by answering there 6 easy questions. Your testimony will be added to the Great International Archives of raplapla. We are counting on your collaboration.


And don’t forget to mark the datre in your agendas in fluroescent pen : come have a party with us, much on some lermon flavoured Mr. Tsé-tsé’s and drink some organic wine, and discover a spécial, limied edition of Mr. Tsé-tsé.


The illustration on the inside of Mr. Tsé-tsé’s box is by Isabelle Arsenault.