The raplapla circus

The raplapla circus

The raplapla circus

Have you seen our new window display ?



— Tim will flutter about the air to perform his flying trapeze routine, trapeze-less !!

— monsieur Tsé-Tsé will risk his own life in order to tame a HOT nightowl !

— Océane will enchant you with her aquatic hula hoop (warning : topless show)

— Fida will juggle giant caramel lilopops.

— Georges, the infamous grumbling pig, will terrify you (this effect is gauranteed, and if it does not deliver, we will reimburse you : Try it now with your baby. Ask us at the cash register, and it will greatly please us to make your baby cry in the blink of an eye). (No cheating).

— The dog-pigs will walk balanced upon their hearts !

— Irma and Spoque – slaves to their profession – will be very funny.

— In a routine more real than reality itself, sure to make you shiver with horror, Balise will take a few spins in a washing machine without a helmet or a net !

— Léa and Lili will astound you with their stupefying magic trick : « lighting speed disappearance of one kilo of caramel spread »

— And the climwing competitionax of the night, all the raplaplas together for the grand finale, the (cloth) knife throwing show. Erica, dressed as a target, will take her place on the wheel of death.


And behind the scene, of course, the enchanted forest created by the la fée raille, a travelling wollen ehibition that must not be missed, at raplapla until the beginning of June !