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A big thank-you

We had a super day today at Sainte-Justine.

(Erica was photographed between Batman and Captain America, and if you really bug her, I’m sure she’d show you the pic) (and Arnaud offered a Tutu to Darth Vador).

The day was spent splendidly with all the kids who accepted, albeit hesitantly at first, but then with full force, patience and very meticulously, to draw and write, and to stick on stamps. Thank-you.

A big thank-you to the gang of teens on the 3rd floor, Noémie 1 & 2, Camila, Emilie, Alexia, Geneviève, Marie-alexandrine, Mylène, Emma, Annabelle, Marianne, Juliette.

A big thank-you also to the kids on the 2nd, 3rd and 7th floors : Providence, Eugénelle, Thomas, Iness, Roldy, Mahmoud, Xavier (you can give your card to Stéphanie when you feel like it), Théo, Yashi, Laurianne, Jeanne, Nadjmeddine. Normande and of course Rej.

Moreover, after his meeting with Tutu, Darth left the Empire

Un gros merci

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Postcards illustrated and stamped by hospitalised children will be sent by pigeon-post to other children who are staying in another hospital far away.

Will the pigeon bring them a response !?


Erica and Arnaud will be at CHU Sainte-Justine Monday March 16th to pick-up the first post cards. It’s happening for children’s week, initiated by volunteers at the hospital.

Follow us here to watch how the project takes shape. We’re hoping for all kinds of surprises !


Don’t hesitate to send us your postcards too :



chez raplapla

69, rue Villeneuve Ouest

Montréal, Québec, H2T 2R4, Canada


or, if all else fails, email, is permitted too.

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