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Émile the octopus

Émile the octopus

Made by raplapla


A mesmerizing octopus. Perfect for babies and others.

Part of our classic collection.

Émile the octopus manoeuvres with multi-tasking tentacles.

She will cling to the stroller while bumping over potholes — a true montreal octopus— making sure the pacifier is safe, all the while hanging onto bunny friend who’s about to fall off. And she gives giant hugs (obviously).

If well tamed she can even play the banjo while making diner, which is really very practical after a long day.

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This plush toy is suitable for babies, from birth.

Catching her long tentacles is child’s play, even if your fingers are still really tiny. Plus she can attach herself anywhere (a small knot in her tentacles is all it takes) and she’s a real beauty.


- Multiple tentacles = multitasking! Small and light, she is easy to grab hold of and carry around. Bonus: tie up her tentacles and attach her wherever you want.

- Her contrasting stripes make her very alluring to babies’ eyes (and fashionistas!).

- If you buy lots, you can have an octopus battle!


Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand.

Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!).


30 cm. Cotton and polyester, stuffed with polyester fibre. Eyes sewn.

This octopus comes with a personal health record.

Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In all cases, the look of the doll is preserved!

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