Single fee of $10 for shipping to Canada - FREE shipping for orders of $99 and more

Single fee of $10 for shipping to Canada - FREE shipping for orders of $99 and more

Repair service for cloth toys

hospital dolls montreal

Emergencies, eye surgery, detergent overdose, dryer burn, big brother “accidents” or the ravages of time, our team of professionals use their human touch to heal your loved one.


the miracle worker

Dominique, our Chief of Surgery, will take great care of your ailing companion. Our hospital has nine beds and each patient is comfortably welcomed with a mini baby night owl. If you like, you may also take a courtesy stuffy home to wait out the operation.


All brands are welcome

Patients must be accompanied by their owner to be diagnosed.



This price list is approximate, the final estimate will be giving during the first consultation.

  • raplapla toys - 0,50 $ / minute
  • recent toys (from the 90s or younger, with white fill) - 1 $ / minute
  • vintage toys (filled with yellow foam, straw or other) or puppet - 2 $ / minute
  • cleaning - $ 20 (or more depending on complexity)
  • filling - $ 25 (or more depending on size)

Eventually some additionnal fees may be applied for the purchase of particular materials.


Please make an appointment

Depending on the amount of occupied beds and the complexity of your case, the operation could take anywhere from 5 days to 4 weeks. Tell us if it is an emergency. We will do our best to repair your wounded loved one on the same day so that you can sleep peacefully, without additional charges. However, an appointment is necessary.

Please note that our surgeon is not available on weekends. On Saturday, Sunday or Monday, you can drop the patient off and we’ll call you the following week to provide a diagnosis.

If you live far from our hospital, write us an e-mail (bonjour[at] and send lots of photos. Note that we rarely look at Facebook and Instagram messages. After approving the diagnosis, you can send us your wounded pal.


Now, let’s allow the patients to rest. Quiet please.

« If the parent wants to replace all the stuffing, but the child likes it well-worn, then I listen to the child. It’s their friend, after all. »
Le Devoir, July 25, 2014

Re-stuffing, re-stitching, sewing in a new eye or replacing a lost leg, almost anything is possible. « We do what our grandmothers used to do. »
La Presse, December 14, 2015