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Made by raplapla


A happy rag doll. Perfect for kids aged 1 to 101.  

Part of our classic collection. 

Léonie is a princess. A real one.

Every morning, she puts on her overalls and feeds a potato to the pigs that live at the farm down the road. At lunchtime, she eats alone and covers her pretty kitchen in mashed potatoes. In the afternoon, she plays pirates with her big brother and shrieks like a banshee, and sometimes at night she wears a beautiful  white dress and gold crown. And she spends a long time admiring herself in the mirror (making lots of funny faces).


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This doll is suitable for babies (and adults). 

Little ones love ’em, big ones can’t deny it—they are the life of every party, listen to all your secrets, and even laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. They are modern rag dolls (the stars of the raplapla family), soft dolls, with captivating colours and enticing textures.



- A rag doll is a one-of-a-kind gift. It means giving a child a companion, a mini reflection of themselves, who will accompany them everywhere, sometimes forever. A doll is a transitional object that can play an important role in the lives of certain kids! Plus they are quirky and fun—like you perhaps.... Or in any case, like me! 

- Everyone likes them. 

- Their eyes are not glued on. A rivet on the back keeps them firmly in place. 

- If you style the doll’s hair just right, you can make a baby burst out laughing (see instructions here). 

- Although the doll’s long hair meets Health Canada standards for baby toys, you may not want your child to put it in their mouth. But it’s up to you. 

- We know people aged 0.1 to 87 years old who have dolls (so your three-year-old niece is not necessarily too big to have one. It all depends on her tastes.) 

- If you try to put your doll in the dryer, there’s a strong likelihood their hair will come out looking like a scouring pad or an old phentex slipper. We advise against it. 

- No, their eyes are not glued on. 



Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand.

Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!).

A sock on your doll's head will protect her eyes.



32 cm. Cotton and polyester, stuffed with polyester fibre. 

Plastic eyes attached with a rivet (which meets CE requirements as well as Health Canada standards for toys meant for children under 36 months).   

This doll comes in a beautiful cardboard house illustrated by Mimi Traillette (printed in Quebec) with a personal health record. 


Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In all cases, the look of the doll is preserved! 

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J'aime un peu, beaucoup, à la folie ...

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