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We are currently experiencing problem with our online shop - please visit our etsy shop or call us (514-563-1209)


Night Owl

Made by raplapla


Hot seed bag. An essential for the whole family.

Part of our classic collection.

Owls that will warm you up made with very soft fabric, with big felt eyes and a belly stuffed with organic rye and lavender from Quebec.

To soothe babies’ stomach aches or just to hoot with pleasure before bedtime.


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Having a Night Owl is a hoot!

It has so many benefits.


HOT:  It soothes newborn's colic (it calms any stomach aches and is good for the breast full of milk of new moms).

It relaxes muscles after a long bike ride or a crazy snail race.

It helps with the repair of damaged tissue, ouch, like after a bike accident. 

It eases light pain, the discomfort of teething, aches, or small bruises, and headaches.

It helps with tissue elasticity, ideal for pregant women and dads who eats a lot.


COLD: It calms big boo-boos, like the ecchymosis that appeared after the missed triple sault, eyes closed on the bed.

It calms a painful joint, still the result of the perillous triple sault.

It soothes inflammation and scratches like the war injury against a little sister transformed in a savage dragon.

It reduces muscular spasms, after the plunge from a stool, while looking for cookies in the highest cupboard of the kitchen.

It lessens plain, aches and others. Just like when it's hot! 


Common sense and adult supervision are always required to ensure the night owl is not too hot before giving it to a child. 



- Your night owl is not a toy!

- We’ll tell you how to heat it in a microwave or conventional oven (that’s right!). And also how to cool it in the freezer.

- Don't try to heat it in a toaster oven. IT'S DANGEROUS. Thank you.

- Don't heat t repeatedly. It has to be completely cool between each use, or it might burn, even if you follow the heating time instructed.

- Our organic rye is grown in Quebec, as is the lavender that we get from the wonderful people at La Maison Lavande.

- And by the way, the lavender smells REALLY good.



Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand.

Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!).

If you dampen the seed bag, you’ll probably be able to grow your own rye field in a couple of days (organic, too).



23 cm. Cotton pouch stuffed with 450g of organic seeds and lavender from Quebec.

This heating pad is packaged in a cute starry box ( with instructions). 


Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In all cases, the look of the doll is preserved! 

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