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The raplapla mom

Erica, la maman des raplaplas

Erica is a gal who sure knows how to use a needle and thread!

In her early years—in the 70s, with little flowers and all, you get the picture—she spent time drawing, capturing tadpoles, passionately playing Lego, jumping on cow patties and taming rabbits, or cooking caramel hazelnuts on the edge of the stove.
Now that she’s all grown up, Erica makes cloth companions for children. And she still loves to draw and capture tadpoles.

The story of raplapla

Having studied fashion design in Montreal, Erica spent several years as a costume designer for the theatre, then as a sewing instructor. Looking for a good excuse to launch a line of cloth toys, she also had two children. Lili, her eldest daughter, taught her the hard way how to survive with a child that is very dependent on a stuffed animal (a mammoth, as it happened). This lesson would be key to what came next.

And then, in 2005—finally! After losing her job, the stars aligned serendipitously and she created Eglantine, the very first Raplapla.

Églantine raplapla

As it happens, the big sister of all Raplaplas is actually quite small.

Fé, Erica’s younger daughter, immediately latched on to Eglantine and refused to let her go for several years, growling at and biting anyone who tried to come between her and her doll. Her little girl’s ferocity obliged Erica to recreate the doll, and that’s how Raplapla was born!

The big store

In 2009, the dolls finally found their home, in a magnificent store in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End that is loaded with character and charm. It even has a stove to keep us warm in the winter! We set up our workshop and a shop where the Raplaplas mingle with lots of handy items like cloth pistols and fake fox tattoos.

Over the years, many new Raplaplas were born, and Erica decided it was time to find a way to start sleeping again.
Today, she is assisted by Dominique, Katarin and Natalia (and her family!) to bring the dolls into the world. Thanks so much to our fabulous team! Without you Erica would never have the time to bring so many new ideas to life. Since 2014, we’ve officially opened a new hospital for rag dolls, with Dominique as our Chief of Surgery.

le grand magasin raplapla

Erica is also co-owner of Dinette Nationale (, a factory of sweet things, with her close friend Catherine. She also co-organizes nënë (, a Montreal-based event dedicated to children and families, with Isabelle and Sandy

P.S. It goes without saying that Mammoutine and Eglantine will always have a special place at Raplapla.


La qualité, l’intégrité et la bonne humeur sont les valeurs qui guident la compagnie raplapla.


Offrir un jouet raplapla, c’est donner à l’enfant un compagnon qui connaîtra ses joies et ses peines, qui l’accompagnera où il voudra (raplapla sait être tout plat), et qui gardera tous ses secrets (malgré sa grande bouche, il reste très discret).
Et choisir un jouet raplapla, c’est se faire un cadeau insaisissable et luxueux: la certitude que cet objet est fabriqué dans le respect et la douceur.


Conçus pour être aimés, partagés, et malmenés, les raplapla sont lavables et réparable, pour durer longtemps. Usez-les!