Single fee of $10 for shipping to Canada - FREE shipping for orders of $99 and more

Single fee of $10 for shipping to Canada - FREE shipping for orders of $99 and more

A word about safety

safety doll raplapla

Designed to be hugged and tugged, raplapla toys are made for all ages (but don’t underestimate the power of your baby’s teeth).

The “Mr. Tsé-Tsé” doll has been tested by a private laboratory to meet Health Canada, U.S. and European (as evidenced by the CE label) safety requirements for toys meant for children under 36 months.

Several samples of dolls have successfully undergone private laboratory testing for fire resistance and durability.

Stuffed animals meet current Canadian safety requirements, but have not been subjected to laboratory tests for durability and fire resistance as the regular changes in the fabric used in making these products would prevent such tests from remaining reliable at all times.

The Night Owls and Baby Night Owls meet Health Canada requirements for Class 1 medical instruments.

And of course...

Common sense and adult supervision are always required when a child is playing with a toy.

Quality, quality and more quality!

We make affectionate, durable and safe toys.

At raplapla, quality is foremost about creating a toy with rich, poetic fabric while harmonizing patterns, colours and textures. They are simple, stimulating toys that leave a lot of room for imagination. A raplapla not only brings a smile to the face of the child looking at it, but also to the adult who’s holding them!

At raplapla, quality is translated by our careful attention to ethics, transparency and integrity. All our suppliers are based in Quebec, and the toys are locally made in Montreal, under good working conditions for the people who work with us. The toys are drawn in such a way as to reduce as much waste as possible when cutting the fabric. We recycle all unusable materials. At raplapla, we give a portion of our profits to organizations that are close to our heart, such as Unicef and Les impatients. And since 2014, we regularly donate dolls to hospitalized and vulnerable children through projet Tutu.

The bottom line is that for raplapla, quality is reflected in the care we use to make our toys. Fabric, lace, stuffing and thread, each material is carefully chosen following strict requirements. We always work with new, predominantly natural fabric (cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc.) and use organic cotton as much as possible.

The plastic eyes, which are specially designed for our stuffed toys, are held in place by a sturdy metal rivet and mounted on canvas fabric—or embroidered, in the case of models created for younger children.

Our toys are careful made to ensure they are durable and safe.