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Water droplet

Water droplet

Made by raplapla


A teeny velvet drop of water. Perfect for babies.

Limited edition. 

She flies! She swims!

She twirls, she freezes, she melts, she foams, she boils, she evaporates, she demultiplies to infinity or merges in one instant, she puts out fires (and sometimes flows from my eyes). Stronger than all the superheroes combined, it's a water droplet.

PS: Under her "i'm indestructable and superstrong" looks, Water droplet is a fragile and precious little thing, even rare or cruelly absent in some corners of the world. She deserves all our attention. Lets preserve her!

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This plush is baby safe.

Eyes closed or open, with little dancing paws, this charming, shimmering droplet fits in with every decor.


- The Water Droplet was born one day as a gentle rain fell from the sky. I exclaimed, “Oh, it’s raining water droplets!” and Romy, my dear eight-year-old neighbour, said, “What’s that? A Water Droplet? Is that the name of your new doll?” I just had to do it.

- She makes a handy pocket reminder for alcoholics.

- Yes, I grew up in Franche-Comté. It rains water droplets there a lot.


Machine wash in cold water, or by hand.

Air dry (mercy! no dryer!)


23 cm. Cotton and rayon, filled with polyfill. Embroidered face.

This droplet comes with a personal health record.

Fabrics and colors may vary. In all cases, the look of the doll is preserved.

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J'aime un peu, beaucoup, à la folie ...

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