What is Raplapla?

couture raplapla

Raplaplas were invented in 2005 by Erica, a gal who sure knows how to use a needle and thread! Made slowly in Montreal, these cloth companions embark on exciting adventures across the world as soon as they are adopted by a child.

Mr Tsé-Tsé, made from organic cotton and with a huge heart, is a doll for beginners. Adored by babies, who love to smother him in hugs and drool, he’s their best friend and totally irreplaceable (you’ve been warned).

Without a doubt the loudest members of the family, the animals, are a charming band of friends who work at night. These ultra-soft stuffies will snuggle and soothe babies who are up till the early hours of the morning with their frenzied jazz!

The life of every party, our modern rag dolls are the stars of Raplapla, and will listen to all your secrets and even laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. These soft dolls in captivating colours and enticing textures share a boundless passion for all that is sweet and show their brave Mona Lisa smiles during even the toughest times (like when it’s time to take a spin in the washing machine, for instance!).

Warm and reassuring, the night owls join this merry gang by making everyone hoot with pleasure.

Serge the cat, the Tutu twins, the clowns as well as the young carrots, alleyway pigeons and the bébés-timbre are also sure to play late into the night. You can count on it.

Designed to be loved, hugged and tugged, raplaplas are washable, repairable and made to last a very long time. So don’t be afraid to use them!

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couture raplapla